Break through Cloudflare anti-climbing 5-second shield WAF, CC protection

Worry-free completion of crawling restrictions on all websites, breaking through Cloudflare anti-crawling 5-second shield WAF, CC protection restrictions

Worry-free skip WAF
ScrapingBypass API-Cloudflare反爬虫


ScrapingBypass access process

1.Register an account

Register a ScrapingBypass API account, click Register

Register a ScrapingBypass proxy account, click Register

ScrapingBypass accounts are interoperable. You only need to register for one of them. Log in to the backend within 30 days after registration, click the "Activity" button, and receive a novice trial gift pack of points and traffic.

2.Code Generator

Enter your request address into: Code Generator and test whether it is completed Bypass Cloudflare verification.

For technical assistance, please view the API documentation or Contact Customer Service for support.

3.Integrate ScrapingBypass API

Integrate the ScrapingBypass API code into your own code function module, complete the final debugging and use it.

4.Buy a package

Finally, choose a package to purchase according to your needs: price



No longer worry about Cloudflare’s 5-second shield WAF and CC protection

Still worried about DDos firewall protection verification for Cloudflare, Akamai, Datadome...? Then use our ScrapingBypassAPI to pierce CloudFlare’s five-second shield in three easy steps!

Skip WAF without worry
ScrapingBypassAPI package price

Bypass the Cloudflare verification of more than 95% of websites, helping you collect data worry-free

The minimum is only $0.00009/point Starting, a successful request consumes 1 point (ScrapingBypassV2 consumes 3 points)

  • Basic

  • $39/MO

  • Interface points: 80000
  • Validity period: 1 month
  • Concurrent threads:20 times/s
  • Standard

  • $59/MO

  • Interface points: 300000
  • Validity period: 1 month
  • Concurrent threads:20 times/s
  • Premium

  • $99/MO

  • Interface points: 1000000
  • Validity period: 1 month
  • Concurrent threads:20 times/s
  • Professional

  • $199/MO

  • Interface points:2200000
  • Validity period: 1 month
  • Concurrent threads:20 times/s

Common problem

How is the consumption of package points calculated?

A successful API request consumes 1 point, and a failed request does not consume points.
V1 version Each successful request consumes 1 point;
V2 version One successful request consumes 3 points (one API request consumes 1 point, V2 will consume 2 more points through JS polling, and the session duration is 10 minutes)

ScrapingBypassAPI points will be cleared if they are not used up within the validity period;
Recharges are calculated independently and have nothing to do with previous purchases, but the earliest purchased points will be consumed first.

ScrapingBypassAPI itself is very simple. You only need to send us the http request body sent to the target website, and we will forward 100% to x-cb-host.
You can use code generator to generate code snippets online for cURL and JavaScript , TypeScript, Java, Python and other commands make HTTP requests.
ScrapingBypassAPI and ScrapingBypass proxy IP code examples: Click to view

The V2 version can pass js polling (can render JS);
Currently the V2 version does not have a default proxy, you need to purchase the ScrapingBypass proxy IP, the V1 version comes with a dynamic proxy

Currently, the maximum number of concurrent requests for all our packages is 20 times/s.

In this case, it is most likely that you need to configure a proxy IP. Choose one of API mode and proxy mode to use our services. Domestic users recommend using API mode. Currently, only proxy IPs of the http protocol are supported.

The service mode provided by ScrapingBypassAPI is that you submit an http request, and the API sends the request for you. This process makes it more difficult to identify your http request as a robot, and will only bypass the Cloudflare verification code as much as possible and let the Cloudflare verification code If it does not appear, you will directly access the target URL instead of automatically clicking on the Cloudflare verification code.

Currently selenium or Puppeteer is not supported because it does not use a browser and only simulates browser requests, but you can use it in conjunction with a fingerprint browser.